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About Dream Pioneers

To Dream is to Create!

Begin to bridge the gap between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious awareness. Explore your multidimensional self. By developing an intuitive dialogue with your dreamer, you will project this shift onto your waking reality because they are connected. Synchronicity will begin to flow like never before just by becoming conscious of your dreams and the symbology that lies all around. Remove labels and open up to the dream flow in order to dissolve the illusion of this solid waking state you call physical reality. Discover the Magic and begin to create. You are the Key. You are the Door. You are the Portal.

About me, Jenniffer clarOscura

I founded Dream Pioneers in early 2011, though it had been nameless since 2009. Personally, I believe dreaming doesn’t end when we open our eyes in the morning. I also practice the “waking dream”. I come from the esoteric witchy version of dreams. I don’t focus too much on what is considered the brain/scientific exploration of dreams. I am what you would call a psychic dreamer, people have visited me in dream for ages, usually with a very personal message for their waking self persona. As a result I became a certified hypnotherapist to further my inner research in all things dream and astral.

Brief History

My interest in multi-dimensional consciousness goes back to my early childhood. Out of body experiences, astral projections, telepathy, psychic abilities, and lucid dreams were a natural occurrence in my life while growing up. My father’s field work in the United Nations allowed me to experience different cultures, philosophies, and religions all over the world.

My thirst for knowledge and life’s great mysteries has led me to research multiple states of awareness within myself. I have experienced firsthand how this awareness then ripples out into the rest of my life creating significant changes and therefore allowing me to embody my true power. This has led me to discover the leader within that had been hiding for many years. My goal is to help people expand their awareness and experience their inner power and ancient wisdom.

Training in Hypnotherapy

In 2009 I discovered hypnotherapy. It has proven to be a powerful vehicle that has enabled me to tie in all the methods I had been using for many years. Through hypnosis, my clients are able to safely explore their inner space while making positive shifts in their outer world. I have taught many people to accomplish the art of creating a new life, lucid dreaming, waking dream awareness, astral projection, and to develop a method for connecting with their higher consciousness.

I am certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest professional hypnosis organization in the world. I earned my certification in 2009 by studying with Marilyn Gordon, the director of A Center for Hypnotherapy.

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